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Established in 2011 and based in Brisbane Queensland, Site Safety Solutions Pty Ltd has emerged as a market leading provider of workplace health and safety management solutions. Our ability to combine an extensive range of products and services required to meet mandatory workplace health and safety requirements make us the number one choice for hassle free WHS compliance.


  • PAYG Safety Plans

As various industries look to increase productivity and competitiveness, lowering Workplace Health & Safety risk through strong and robust safety practices is increasingly important.
At Site Safety Solutions we provide low cost, effective safety management services for various sites throughout Australia. Whether you require a support one day per week, fortnight or month, Site Safety Solutions is your scalable safety department on call 24/7.
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Some consultancy tasks may include:

  • Development of WHS documentation
  • Assistance in obtaining AS4801 certification
  • Site training requirements
  • Assistance in client HSE pre-qualification’s
  • Sub-contractor management and evaluation, and
  • Other WHS related tasks.

The management of safety is of paramount importance to your company. Your reputation and business success regarding project delivery and outcomes are dependent upon the support of every individual within your company.
Whether you have a project lasting one day, one month or one year, or just need additional safety support during project kick-off, Site Safety Solutions has the capability and resources to assist in the implementation of your WHS management plans and procedures.
Our WHS management services may include:

  • Site WHS management
  • Project WHS Management, and
  • WHS recruitment for projects.

Our WHS plans and procedures set out the arrangements to manage work health and safety within a company or on a project. The intention of these plans and procedures is to ensure the risks associated with a task or subject are managed through adequate planning, implementation, communication, monitoring and review. It may not be necessary to communicate the entire WHS management plan and associated procedures to all workers, however, they must be made aware of the parts that are applicable to the work they are carrying out. That’s why Site Safety Solutions also has fully qualified trainers and assessors to develop training material for your plans and procedures, ensuring clear and transparent communication resulting in a safer workplace.
Documentation may include:-

  • WHS management plans and procedures
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
    / Job Safety Analysis (JSA's) / Safe Work Procedure (SWP’s)
  • Plant Risk Assessments (mobile and static plant)
  • System forms such as toolbox, prestart meeting and VOC’s
  • WHS registers, and
  • Other WHS related forms.

One of the most difficult things about WHS compliance is keeping on top of the various testing, tagging and inspection requirements. That’s why Site Safety Solutions offers a variety of testing and tagging solutions to ensure you are compliant. Our testing / tagging and inspection capabilities include:-

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Fire Equipment
  • Height Safety Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Oxy Fuel Flashback Arrestors
  • Spill Kits
  • Microwave Leakage
  • First-Aid Kit, and
  • De-frib Units.

At Site Safety Solutions Pty Ltd we are all about continuous improvement. Let our knowledgeable, experienced team assist you in reducing personnel risk and assist in compliance with applicable standards, regulations and client requirements.
Our auditing services include:-

  • Safety Management System auditing (AS4801: OHS Management Systems)
  • Site auditing against WHS regulatory requirements
  • Project WHS auditing against client or contractor OHS requirements, and
  • Any other WHS related auditing.

The harmful use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace is becoming increasingly problematic. There use is adding costs to injuries, absenteeism, lost production, workers compensation and rehabilitation.
One of the key contributing factors to a workplace free from drug and alcohol abuse is a proactive communication, consultation, education and awareness campaign. As well as drug and alcohol testing, Site Safety Solutions also assists companies in. The development of drug and alcohol policies, procedures, awareness / education documentation and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s).
Site Safety Solutions offers clients various drug and alcohol testing services including:

  • Periodic testing (once per month)
  • Random testing (on call), and
  • For cause testing (as the result of an incident on site).

Our unique Pay-As-You-Go safety plans have eliminated the need to engage various service providers, enabling a one stop shop for everything safety. Visit our PAYG Safety Plans page for a list of plans.
Site Safety Solutions has the ability to consolidate an extensive range of products and services required to meet WHS compliance requirements into one east monthly payment.
Some products and services may include:

  • Developing safety management plans
  • Assistance in the implementation of safety management plans (consultancy)
  • Development of risk assessments (e.g. SWMS’s, JSA’s & SWP’s)
  • Various test, tag and inspection services on your equipment
  • Access to wholesale prices on various PPE and equipment, and
  • On call safety consultancy as required.
  • Book your FREE consultation today and save time, effort and money on WHS compliance requirements!

Site Safety Solutions has the capability to develop online “OHS Portals” to assist in managing OHS obligations and your HSE management systems. These portals are accessible 24/7 from any computer, smart phone or tablet and are fully customisable to suit your business needs, for effortless OHS compliance.
The online OHS portals are capable of:

  • Online inductions
  • HSE inspections
  • Incident reporting
  • Fatigue assessments
  • Various risk assessment tools
  • SDS registers and much more!
  • Visit our own portal and see for yourself!

Some of our Clients include:

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